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Inner Peace Reiki Candle

Inner Peace Reiki Candle

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The Inner Peace candle is one of the trilogy set and is 12oz. The image shows the Inner Peace line in the main focus, expanding out the aura exuding Inner Peace frequency of Reiki sequence with focus on symbol Shanti. Shanti emits energy of Inner Peace. Amethyst powder is mixed into the unique wax along with 423hz. Light this magic up and utilize it however you please!

Scent: Bamboo Sage

Shanti Reiki Symbol benefits: Shanti is a Reiki symbol that offers the energy of peace in your life. This frequency helps create a balance from within and also helps to bring harmony and peace to your home as well.

432hz frequency benefits: The 432hz frequency is known for it’s deeply calming and soothing effects. This frequency fills the mind with peace, making it the perfect flow for spiritual practices.

Amethyst benefits: Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, it encourages peace and intuition. Super fine Amethyst is sprinkled into the candle to fully emit it’s frequency in the air when it is lit.

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