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Happiness Reiki Candle

Happiness Reiki Candle

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The Happiness candle is one of the trilogy set and is 12oz. The image shows the Happiness line in the main focus, expanding out the aura exuding Happiness frequency of Reiki sequence with focus on symbol Harth. Harth emits energy of total Happiness. Citrine powder is mixed into the unique wax along with 528hz. Light this magic up and utilize it however you please!

Scent: Gardenia Amber

Harth Reiki Symbol benefits: Harth is a Reiki symbol that offers the energy of compassion and love, total nourishment for the soul. Harth helps bring in the energy of wholeness allowing the feeling of happiness to shine through.

528hz frequency benefits: The 528hz frequency holds the energy of Universal law, expanding the energy of wholeness and truth.

Citrine benefits: Citrine is one of the few crystals that doesn’t hold negative energy, its frequency is that of pure happiness, light and abundance. Super fine Citrine is sprinkled into the candle to fully emit it’s frequency in the air when it is lit.

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