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Body Comfort Warming and Cooling Pillow Heat Pad Set

Body Comfort Warming and Cooling Pillow Heat Pad Set

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The perfect sized heating and cooling pad. Delivers comfort that can be heated or frozen to help with sore muscles or cramps and helps relieve stress or discomfort.

Filled with flaxseed, for the ultimate comfort level. A comfortable therapeutic experience lay across your abdomen, tuck behind your calves or lower back. Place secretly under your blanket for those cold winter days or cool and rest under your neck for those hot summer nights. 

11" x 9"
Handcut and Handsewn. Weighs ~ 1.25lbs

How to Use

To warm, fold insert into half or thirds and place onto a plate. Warm at 1 minute increments. Be sure edges do not touch the walls of your microwave while rotating.

To cool, place in the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Always use with caution and test before using. Do not use directly onto skin.


Slipcover made of OEK-TEX 100% washable linen. Insert made of undyed organic muslin cotton and sewn with cotton thread. Filled with locally sourced flaxseed.

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