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Lucid Dreamer Loose Leaf Tea

Lucid Dreamer Loose Leaf Tea

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Lucid Dreamer is an invitation to unlock the doors of your subconscious and explore the boundless dimensions of your mind. Whether you're a seasoned dream traveler or someone yearning to delve into the enigmatic world of lucid dreaming, this blend provides a gentle nudge towards the fantastical.

Indulge in the ritual of preparing and savoring Lucid Dreamer before bedtime, and let its enchanting flavors and dream-inducing properties become an integral part of your nightly routine. Elevate your dreams, sip by sip, and embrace the allure of the unknown as you sip your way to a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Peppermint, Mugwort, Jasmine, Calendula, White Willow Bark

Approximately 30 servings

Ritual: Fill 2tsp of tea in a cloth tea bag or mesh basket and place in your favorite mug. Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over the tea and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes or until desired strength is reached.

Packaged thoughtfully in a resealable pouch with 2 oz of tea

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