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The Founder of the proven Foundation Training program takes his teaching to the next phase, showing us how to utilize our body’s built-in systems for healing and introducing a new program that offers a perpetual inner core of wellness and adaptability.

Dr. Eric Goodman’s innovative approach to self-healing—Foundation Training—has helped athletes, first responders, celebrities, and regular folks around the world. The heart of Foundation Training is a unique form of biomechanics—a series of postures, poses, and movements designed to teach the body’s individual muscles to act within strong, flexible chains, shifting the burden of support away from sensitive joints.

Foundations of Health builds on this core program, going deep into its principles to help us understand how to maintain a healthy body, even when the mechanics eventually break down. Our bodies are built to heal themselves—without surgeries and prescriptive medications. The protocols expand on the original Foundation Training concepts, focusing on the endogenous cannabinoid stimulators—part of an extraordinary built-in endocannabinoid system that profoundly affects our central, enteric, and peripheral nervous systems and helps to regulate numerous responses in our body.

Dr. Goodman explains the science behind the endogenous cannabinoid system and how it can be stimulated in natural and healthy ways, including heat, breath work, and movement—techniques that will help guide and maintain the state of balance the body needs to function optimally with stability and harmony. He recommends foods, herbs, and supplements likely to ease pain, lower stress, and boost mental and physical function. He addresses the notable medicinal benefits of CBD, THC, and the many terpenes associated with cannabis’s reputation for healing, and teaches how to be a smart consumer of cannabinoids.

Foundations of Health provides a unique understanding and approach to healing that will forever change the way we think of our bodies and our physical health.
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