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Fat Flush

Fat Flush

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 The pancreas tonic

This packed botanical blend of superstar herbs supports balanced blood sugar by cleansing and strengthening the pancreas, supporting healthy blood pressure, and metabolism. It also aids weight management by increasing the body’s internal temperature, making it easier for the body to release excess fat cells.

The pancreas, often underrated, not only secretes digestive enzymes that help to break down our food for proper digestion and assimilation, but it is also responsible for secreting insulin, a peptide hormone that regulates our digestion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. When the pancreas is out of balance, insulin resistance, a condition that prevents glucose from getting into the body’s cells, may present. If you have hyperglycemia, trouble balancing weight, or simply need to recalibrate your pancreatic function, look no further.

This formula may also support men with erectile dysfunction, as blood sugar issues can impact blood flow to the penis. This may be due to nerve and blood vessel damage as a result of poor long-term blood sugar control.

+ Supports overall pancreatic health
+ Supports balanced insulin production
+ May improve digestive enzyme production
+ Supports men’s health
+ Supports an anti-diabetic regimen
+ Contains anti-inflammatory properties

Vegan | Small-batch | Cruelty-Free


Gymnema Leaf*, Hai Zao (Sargassum Herba Sargassii), Zhi Ke (Bitter Orange peel), African Mango Seed, Noni Fruit*, Moringa Leaf*, Turmeric Oil

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