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Cliff Rose / Flower Essence For Manifestation

Cliff Rose / Flower Essence For Manifestation

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Imagine feeling free, united, and powerful. Cliff Rose calls forth the energy of movement and your true intentions, allowing you to manifest your desires and projects with clarity and focus. As you deepen your connection with Spirit, you are more able to move with powerful intention, actualizing your creative impulses.


Use this essence when you are feeling unfocused, need a burst of creativity and the motivation to follow through.

Cliff Rose is a member of the Rose family (Rosaceae) that grows on rocky hillsides in our high desert mountains. Its tiny white and gold flowers are remarkably fragrant, buttressed by its fruit and beautiful feather plumes.


7 drops, 3x daily in 2-4 week cycles as needed

+ On the tongue
+ In the bath
+ On a pillow


**Wild Cliff Rose Flowers (Cowania mexicana) infused in spring water and artesian well cane spirits.

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