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Cleanse Ritual Bath Tea

Cleanse Ritual Bath Tea

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Our Cleanse Bath Soak is a great way to cleanse away any negativity, refresh and restore. Hyssop, thyme and sea salt combine to help you let go of any negative energy, leading to a deep meditative state of renewal. 

Pro Tip: Sprinkling some around your home helps purify and protect from unwanted energy! 

All-natural, we only fragrance our bath soaks with essential oils and botanicals. Each batch is made to order and lasts 6 months once opened with a 2 year shelf life.

Each bath soak comes in either a reusable glass jar and metal lid. With easy to peel off labels for an eco-friendly long-lasting jar. Or a resealable pouch. Both contain the same amount of soak.

A reusable soaking bag is included, which keeps all botanicals contained during the bath.

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