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Blood + Lymph Wash

Blood + Lymph Wash

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The lymph tonic

This unique formula contains herbs that have been used for millennia to help cleanse the bloodstream and support waste removal. The lymphatic system, technically a part of the cardiovascular system, does not have its own “pump,” and therefore needs to be activated in order for detoxification to occur. We can also activate the lymphatic system with physical movement that induces perspiration.

The liver and kidneys help to naturally filter the blood but may become burdened when not regularly supported. This makes it difficult for them to thoroughly clean the bloodstream. As a result, one might experience skin issues or allergy symptoms as the body attempts to rid itself of toxins.

+ Supports a clean bloodstream and lymphatic system
+ May improve skin issues like dermatitis and eczema (may worsen temporarily before getting better)
+ Supports liver health
+ Rich in minerals


Beet Root*, Blue Flag*, Yellow Dock*, Burdock root*, Black Cumin seed*, Red Clover flower*, Plantain leaf*, Cayenne Pepper

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