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Bird of Paradise / Vibrational Essence For Flourishing Beauty

Bird of Paradise / Vibrational Essence For Flourishing Beauty

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This is the essence of flamboyance. In our soul, we yearn to fly free and independently, unboxed and unhindered. The essence supports our desire to be seen, unblocks creativity, allowing our beauty and presence to flourish and expand. Highly stimulating to the sacral and throat chakras, it enables positive expressions with ease and grace. It attracts positive attention and support from others, bringing color and compassion to relationships.


Bird Of Paradise assists us in moving towards self-empowerment, releasing unhelpful habits, and replacing them with joy and enthusiasm. It is especially helpful in breaking free from limiting relationships. This essence encourages us to stand tall and expand our glorious selves.


7 drops, 3x daily in 2-4 week cycles as needed
+ On the tongue
+ In the bath
+ On a pillow


Wild Bird Of Paradise Flowers (Caesalpinia gilliesii) infused in spring water and artesian well cane spirits under the wild desert Sun

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