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Bad B*tch Botanical Bath Tea

Bad B*tch Botanical Bath Tea

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This herbal bath soak goes beyond masking the funk, by also helping balance your skin's pH levels and gently calm skin while you're in the tub. Pour a bit of this antimicrobial soak into your warm bath water for an aromatic & relaxing treat!

All-natural, we only fragrance our bath soaks with essential oils and botanicals. Each batch is made to order and lasts 6 months once opened with a 2 year shelf life.

Each bath soak comes in either a reusable glass jar and metal lid. With easy to peel off labels for an eco-friendly long-lasting jar. Or a resealable pouch. Both contain the same amount of soak.

A reusable soaking bag is included, which keeps all botanicals contained during the bath.

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