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Anxiety Tincture

Anxiety Tincture

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Inflammation Botanical Blend

  • Telomere Protection for Chromosomal Health (Turmeric)
  • Joint, Muscular, Gut and Brain Health
  • Cognitive Support by Inflammation Reduction

No Caffeine

Our bodies are inflamed for countless reasons on a daily basis. Diet, environmental toxins, weight lifting, hiking, etc. can inflame joints, the gut, veins and even the brain. Keeping inflammation in check and minimized is key to staying healthy, active and reducing the aging process.

Botanical Blend: 

Rhodiola rosea - adaptogen. mental & physical endurance.
Ashwagandha - adaptogen. adrenal balance. calm cortisol response.
Valerian Root - calm nervous system.
Holy Basil - adaptogen. calm nervous system.
Oat Straw - calming nervous system, adrenals and liver.
Skullcap - calming nervous system.
Passion Flower - calming nervous system.
Lemon Balm - calming nervous system. especially in the gut.

*certified organic herb.

Other Ingredients: 

Certified Organic & Gluten Free Can Alcohol (40-55%), Reverse Osmosis Water, Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin *Certified Organic

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