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Aeonium 'Suncup' - 4in Pot

Aeonium 'Suncup' - 4in Pot

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Aeonium 'Suncup' is a type of succulent that is native to the Canary Islands. It is known for its rosettes of yellow or gold leaves and its ability to store water in its leaves, making it a low-maintenance plant. 


Light: Prefers bright, direct light, but it can tolerate some shade. Place your plant in a spot that gets at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Watering: Like most succulents, Aeonium 'Suncup' requires infrequent watering. Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings and only water when the soil is dry to the touch. Over-watering can lead to root rot, so be careful not to overwater.

Soil: A well-draining soil mix is important for Aeonium 'Suncup'. A mixture of cactus potting soil and perlite or sand works well. Make sure the soil has proper drainage to prevent water from accumulating at the bottom of the pot.

Fertilization: Fertilize your Aeonium 'Suncup' every 3-4 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer) with a succulent or cactus fertilizer. Be sure to dilute the fertilizer to half the recommended strength before using it.

Humidity: Is not particularly sensitive to humidity levels, but it is important to make sure it is not in an overly humid environment, as this can lead to fungal diseases.

Temperature: USDA zones 9-11, and it prefers temperatures between 60-85°F. It is not frost-tolerant, so be sure to protect it from frost and cold temperatures.

Propagation: Can be easily propagated from offsets or by taking stem cuttings. Simply remove the offsets or cuttings and allow them to callus over for a few days before planting them in well-draining soil.

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